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I forgot to include these other sentences. Thank you vey much for your cooperation.
1) The main features of Richardson’s novels are as follows/Or R’s novels have the following features./ Within R’s novels you can (are there other ways of expressing it?) recognize the following features.
2) Firstly, they are set in a realistic middle-class environment. They reflect the values preached (?) by the Puritan middle class: common sense, good manners and modesty. Actually, there is a moralising tendency within all his novels. In “Pamela”, the marriage between Pamela and Mr B is the reward for (?) her irreproachable behaviour (or conduct?) as mentioned in the subtitle of the novel, “Virtue Rewarded”. In fact she resists all her master’s advances protecting her (?) virtue and in her turn gains a proposal of marriage which she accepts obtaining a social position which only women from upper classes normally aspire (or aspired) to.
3) Secondly, his novels are based on a single action, a courtship. Unlike in previous fiction, the characters are analyzed from a psychological point of view (or there is psychological analyses). In contrast to Defoe’s novels, the protagonists show a sense a individual development within the story and the reader is almost a witness to their gradual development.
4) In “Pamela” Mr B tries to seduce Pamela but her resistance arouses his passion and gradually changes is behaviour which becomes more mature and responsibile.
5) Lastly, all his heroines share the following features. They are young, charming, possess self-will (can you suggest two adjectives to me) and knowledge as well as Christian piety. 6) They defend virtue more than anything else (?) and are willing to die for it.
7) In particular, Pamela is practical, passionate but she is intolerant of injustice both to herself and her fellow-servants.

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    1. one is able to
    3. Unline previous fiction / sense of individual
    4. is = his behaviur
    5. following features: / adjective? self-will is a noun = ambi tious, determined, willful, obstinate
    6. & 7. = ok


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    P.S. For future reference, here is a website you will find very handy:



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