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The question is: "A flashlight does not lose power as you walk away from it, but as you get farther and farther away, it appears to be less and less bright. Explain"

First of all I am BAD at explaining things, and when you don't know the answer it is even harder!!!

You don't have to answer the question for me, just explain why it gets less and less bright! Thanks sooo Much!

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    The intensity varies (changes) as a function of the inverse square. Here is an example.
    If the light intensity is simple units is, say, x, then a double the distance the intensity will be 1/22 = 1/4 the initial. Triple the distance will be 1/3 = 1/9 the original and quadruple the distance will be 1/42 = 1/16 the original.

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    My superscripts didn't do well. Let me try again.
    1/22 = 1/4
    1/32 = 1/9
    1/42 = 1/16

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