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gr.8 math

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last year Stephanie was paid a base salary of $12,000/ year plus a commission of 3% on the total dollar value of her sales. She sold $1,120,000 worth of company products. How much did she make?

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    Ok, so to actually solve the question and get the right answer..

    So the equation to solve this question would be- 12,000+ (1,120,000 x 0.03)

    Acording to Grade 8 Math curriculum BEDMAS (brackets, exponets, dividing, multiplying, adding, then subtracting) you would do what was in the brackets first. The answer is 33,600.

    So now your equation would be 12,000+ 33,600.

    The answer is 45, 600.

    Hope this helped!

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    thanks that really did help a lot

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