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I'm just trying to get an understanding of the reputations of some of the fine post-secondary institutions in Canada. I know this is not a homework question, and that all of the educators on this site are busy helping with homework questions. But, considering most of you are highly educated individuals, I thought I would ask :)
So, if you wouldn't mind, please state what SINGLE word you associate with the following institutions. Please feel free to state for one or all institutions. The institutions are:
University of Western Ontario
University of Toronto
Queen's University
University of Waterloo
McMaster University
University of British Columbia
Dalhousie University

Thanks !!

  • Question is about Canadian Universities -

    The question is about Canadian Universities. I know little about them except that Waterloo has a good reputation in computer science and Dalhousie does some fisheries research, good and bad.

  • Question about University (general). -

    I have heard good civil engineering programs at Queens and McMaster.

    Waterloo offers a coop program in which the students gets to alternate between work and studies, thus gaining experience and possibly contributing to a career while studying. Its computer science and software engineering programs are well-known.

    Also not on your list is McGill University, which is internationally renowned for its research work, medical school, and other programs.

  • Question about Canadian University (general). -

    Western - medicine
    Toronto - very good, huge
    Queens - elitist, quite good
    Waterloo - none better in Math, Computer Science, Engineering, pioneered co-op in Engineering.
    British Columbia - very good
    Dalhousie - Marine studies

    Personally, I graduated from Waterloo, in the second graduating class back in '64
    At the time the enrollment was about 4000, now it is over 30,000
    For math or computer studies, there is none better.
    As far as I know, it is still the only university in North America that has a Faculty of Mathematics.
    It has spawned about 50 high-end computer and technical companies all within a radius of 10 km around here, including RIM (Research in Motion), the folks that make the Blackberry.

    Also consider McMaster in medicine, G
    University of Guelph for agriculture and earth sciences
    Another good school out west in BC is Simon Fraser.

  • Question about Canadian University (general). -

    And of course how could I forget McGill in Montreal,
    besides being in one of the best and oldest universities in Canada, you would have the benefit of living in a truly remarkable city.

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