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Hello, I am trying to balance this redox reaction WITHOUT using the half-reaction method. Here is the unbalanced equation:

MnO4 -(aq) + Zn(s)--> Mn 2+(aq) + Zn 2+(aq)

It looks as if both elements are being oxidized. The answer is supposed to be:

2MnO4 -(aq) + 16H +(aq) + 5Zn(s) --> 2Mn 2+(aq) + 8H2O(l) + 5Zn 2+(aq)

Thank you!


    Mn goes from +7 on the left to +2 on the right so it is gaining 5e which is reduction. Zn is zero on the left and +2 on the right which is a loss of 2e which is oxidation. I helped you do one yesterday. I assume the corrections I made made it much easier to balance. Let me know if this one gives you any problems.


    thank you so much! no, I've been doing many questions on half cells and cell potential and I mindlessly forgot to assign oxidation numbers, just going by the sign of the element as you would with half cell questions. you're awesome help! thanks!

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