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Can you please help me rephrase this paragraph taken from Chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse"?

1) Mrs. Ramsay has James stand so she can measure a stocking she is knitting against his leg.
2) It is a stocking for the lighthouse keeper's little boy. James fidgets because he is subtly jealous of his mother's attention.
3) She looks up at him and notices how shabby the furniture looks, but then she can’t see the point of buying new chairs since the house is occupied by only one old woman as caretaker, and the house “positively dripped with wet”(can you help me rephrase the part in inverted commas?).
4) She thinks of the books that had been given to her and inscribed (?) by the poet themselves.
5) She mentions the titles of a few( books) and then decided that neither of them can be sent to the lighthouse.
6) Though the rent for the house is two-pence half penny, she thinks the children love it and it does her husband good, since it keeps him three hundred miles away from his library. 7) Furthermore, there was room for visitors. She is thinking of bringing the chairs and tables from their London flat together with a photograph and the books.
8) She thinks books grow of themselves. She never has time to read them, even those inscribed particularly to her by the hand of the poet.

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    1. & 2. = OK
    3. dripped with moisture
    4. sequence of tense = she thought....had been given and inscribed OR she thinks....have been and inscribed
    5. sequence of tense = stay in present or stay in past = mentions & decides OR mentioned & decided
    6. ok
    7. there is...
    8. grow by themselves


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