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Suppose you have a 0.200 M solution of the nitrogen-containing weak base NX. Suppose you wish to titrate 25 mL of this 0.200 M NX solution with a 0.100 M solution of the strong acid HNO3. Given that the Kb value of NX is 6.50x10-5, complete each of the following:
a) What volume of HNO3 solution (in mL) will be required to reach the equivalence point of this titration?
b) What will be the pH of the solution at this point?
c) What will be the pH of the solution after addition of ½ of the required HNO3?
d) What will be the pH of the solution after addition of 75.0 mL of HNO3?

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    I see your posts as about the same although some may be strong acid/strong base while others may be strong acid/weak base (or the reverse). After you understand how to do these you can work them yourself. Pick ONE of the posts and clarify what you don't understand. I don't mind helping your through it but I don't want to work all of them for you. Each point on the titration curve contains a mixture of the reactants. Key to these problems is to recognize what you have and where you are on the titration curve.

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