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Thank you very much for your last corrections.
Can you please tell me if the following sentences are possible?

1) She is wearing a zip-up tracksuit top with a hood or a hooded zip-up top?
2) Is this adjective order correct:
opinion, size, shape, color, pattern, fabric and origin? Example: a nice long-sleeved pink and white striped cotton crewneck Italian sweater?
3) What kind of clothes and shoes are fashionable among American teenagers? (Apart from skinny/flared/low waist (or waisted)jeans?
4) Can you suggest to me the name of a popular American singer whose lyrics is easy to understand?
5) When you go to the gym do you wear mini-crew socks and a pair of sneekers?
6) Is it possible that a woman wears: a plained blue shirt with blue and white striped cuffs and a white collar over a pair of elegant woollen trousers?
7) She usually wears bracelets on her left arm,an earring on her left ear, a watch on her left wrist, a hairband on her head, an ankle band around her ankle, a belt around her waist and a ring in her left forefinger? ( Are the prepositions correct?)

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    1 - 3 OK
    4. whose lyrics is = lyrics are (pl)
    5. sneakers (spelling)
    6. a plain blue shirt
    7. ring on her left forefinger.


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