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. What was the Reign of Terror? If you asked Robespierre how he, a man once opposed to the death penalty, could then approve of the Reign of terror, what would he say? Write a short speech that Robespierre might have given to the committee of Public Safety asking for the reign of terror. Be sure to mention the Flight to Varennes.

i do not understand what this question ais asking me to do.

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    Pretend you're Robespierre and write a short speech.

    In this speech tell why you support the Reign of Terror.

    Be sure to mention the Flight to Varennes.

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    I Robespierre, changed my mind I think that the death penalty is not wrong. It is the right punishment for some traitors like Louis XVI with the flight to Varennes. I think that people who are against the revolution and are against France should be sentenced to the guillotine.

    thats all i have. what else good i add? and is this good or bad?

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