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An ice cube at 0 degrees Celsius was dropped into 30.0 g of water in a cup at 45.0 degrees Celsius. At the instant that all of the ice was melted, the temperature of the water i the cup was 19.5 degrees Celsius. What was the mass of the ice cube?

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    hello scoob thx for pickin jiskha:)
    !!best homework help ever!!

    uhh ur best options are:

    a}google it
    b}post same question 2mmorow when there are more tutors on line people who can help with chemistry :)

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    How much heat did the water lose?
    mass water x specific heat water x (Tfinal-Tinitial).
    How much heat did the ice gain?
    mass ice x heat fusion.
    The sum of those should be zero.

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    just use heat gain by ice =heat lost by water.

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