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A plastic block has sides that measure 4 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters. Its mass is 19.2 grams. Predict whether the block will float in water. Will it float in olive oil?

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    Is this supposed to be a regular box (straight sides, no triangular etc).
    Volume = 4 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm = 24 cc.
    density = mass/volume = 19.2/24 = ?? If the density is less than that of water, it will float. Same in olive oil. You must look up the densities of water and olive oil.

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    4cm times 2cm times 3cm=24cc density = mass/ volume = 19.2 divied by 24 is 0.8 or .8

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    4 times 2 times 3 equals 24. 5 divided by 110 = 20 I just took of the zero and did 5 till I got to 11 which is 2 and then I added the 0 back

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    Info: 4 cm = 1 side, 3 cm = 1 side, 2 cm = 1 side, mass = 19.2 grams. As long as you know how to convert mass to density, the density of water, and the density of olive oil, this would have been a lot easier, but the densities of water and olive oil seen't listed. Density = Mass divided by volume. Error. Volume not listed. Loading... Length x Width x Height... Calculating... Volume = 24. Density = Mass divided by Volume... Calculating... Density = 00.8 Loading water Density... Water density = 0 g Loading Olive Oil Density... Olive Oil Density = 800 - 920... Answer = Yes in Water, Yes in Olive Oil.

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    Dont listen to my name.

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    even my name

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