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what are major similarities and differences among the different religious groups like Atheist, Buddhist Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Hindu, Islam, Jehovah's
Witnesses, Mormon Sikh Judaism

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    Oh, my!

    This is an impossible question to answer with less than a 500-page book. And even that would only scratch the surface of these religions.

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    You can go on forever comparing and contrasting these. Try first organizing them into groups based off of common beliefs, (such as putting all branches of Christianity into one group) and focus on the core beliefs of each group. You can begin with Atheist and discuss that this group is without religion, and can continue comparing it with Agnostics. But unless if you have to write a long essay on this, try keeping it brief and concise.

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    that is my problem it is suppose to be a 350-500 word summary and I will never be able to do it in that many words

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    this is what I have wrote so far

    There are many types of religions that exist in our world. With the emergence of so many cultures in the United States comes the existence of numerous religious views. While religions may differ in their goals and in the way they envision and present the significance of their activities, there is nevertheless a basic structure which can be found in every religion. Most of the leading religions have shared a number of characteristics, some of them are belief in a deity, a doctrine of salvation, a code of conduct, the use of sacred stories and religious rituals. Its basic characteristic is the relationship between humankind and God or lack thereof. The ideas of one family of religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the belief of one God.

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    That's a good start -- but it's unnecessarily long -- considering the amount of material you need to cover.

    I suggest you organize your paper as Ms. Lila suggested.

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    what is a saying or a poem for dyer in the renassices

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