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Calculate the amount of energy in kilojoules needed to change 225 g of water ice at -10 C to steam at 125 C. The following constants may be useful:

Cm(ice)=36.57 J/(mol*C)
Cm(water)=75.40 J/(mol*C)
Cm(steam)=36.04 J/(mol*C)
Delta H(fus)=+6.01 kJ/mol
Delta H(vap)=+40.67 kJ/mol

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    I will be happy to check your work. Do these in order (heat ice to OC), melt ice, heat water to 100C, vaporize, heat steam.

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    These are the numbers I calculated:

    Cm(ice)=4.57 kJ
    Delta H(fus)=75.06 kJ
    Cm(water)=94.17 kJ
    Delta H(vap)=507.97 kJ
    Cm(steam)=11.25 kJ

    Total= 693 kJ

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    The only one I disagree with slightly is vaporization. I obtained 507.95 kJ. I don't round anything until the last calculation; i.e., (225/18.015) x 40.67 = 507.95171 which rounds to 507.95 kJ.

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