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The table at right shows measurements made on a circle with a one-meter radius. Each entry in the s-column is an arc length,and the adjacent entry in the c-column is the corresponding chord length, both in meters. Explain why c < s, and determine the range of values for c and for s. With s on the horizontal axis and c on the vertical axis, sketch an approximate graph of
c vs s.
s c
0.256 0.255
0.618 0.608
1.234 1.157
1.571 1.414
1.896 1.625

Then.(Continuation)Express s and c in terms of è, the central angle that intercepts s and c. Combine these equations to express c as a function of s. Graph this relationship.

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    We can't draw graphs for you. You have the data to draw one yourself.

    Is your symbol è supposed to be theta? Let's just call it angle A. I will assume it is in radians.

    The arc length is
    s = Radius*A = A
    The chord length is
    c = 2 R sin (A/2) = 2 sin (A/2)

    c = 2 sin (s/2)

    The data in the table fits that equation well.

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    E(-3, 3), F(-1, 3), G(-2, 0), J(0, -1), K(2,-1), L(1, 2);<EFG=<JKL

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    idk this question either and the explanations above dont help

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