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Thank you very much for your corrections. I have some sentences I'd like you to check. Just say "yes" if they are correct.

1a) The first reform Bill passed in 1832
It is common practice to consider 1832 as the year in which the Victorian age started (though queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837) How can I express it?
1b) Love is the main theme in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
2) Remember that the adjective must agree with the noun it refers to.
3) You failed to provide a personal opinion and referred too strictly (?) to your book’s words.
4) She describes her love for him to her house keeper Nelly Dean as “the foliage in the wood.
5) She considers Heathcliff as a part of her (or herself).
6) Her relationship with Edgar doesn’t have anything to do with sexual attraction or physical desire.
7) She is incapable of independent thought (and not “thought”?)
8) Jane Austen doesn’t appreciate marriages and loves (?) based only on wealth or on sudden violent passions. On the other hand (in contrast, on the contrary are they all correct) she believes a relationship should be based on mutual understanding and calm judgement (can you also used “instead”)-
9) She believes that in (or by) marrying Edgar she can place Heathcliff out of her tyrant brother who keeps ill-treating and
10) The poor lived in segregated areas known as slums. These (they or what else can I use to replace “slums”?) were appalling quarters where sanitary conditions were dreadful.
11) Do not reproduce sentences parrot fashion and make sense of what you are writing. Link your sentences through (?) appropriate sentence connectors and round your paragraph off with a conclusion.
12) The love of Catherine and Edgar (or between Catherine and Edgar) is a self-destructive one.
The social role of a woman (and not the position in life on a woman) was defined by her father or her husband.
13) She is reluctant to take on the role which her family tries to impose on her without any regard for feelings and circumstances.

  • English -

    1. yes
    2. just as you have done
    3. & 4. = yes
    5. herself
    6. yes
    7. ?
    8. loves or lovers? & judgment & yes
    9. out of her tyrant ? = away from her brother & unfinished sentence
    10. These, those, they = any of those
    11. through = with
    12. & 13 = yes

    BTW, it is impossible to answer only with "yes." Not even "no?" And it takes the "fun" out of reading your sentences.


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