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a fire extignuisher produces carbon dioxide by the reaction between sodium hydrocarbonate and sulfuric acid. if a fire extinguisher is desgined to hold 600.0g of sodium hydrocarbonate calculate : the mass of sulfuric acid required to react with sodium hydrocarbonate

AND calculate the volume of 12.0 m L^-1 sulfuric acid required to react with the sodium hydrocarbonate

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    That is sodium hydrogencarbonate, or sodium bicarbonate.

    That type of fire extinguisher has not been around many years.

    H2SO4+NaHCO3 >> CO2 + H20 + Na2SO4

    balance the equation. Then, calculate the moles of sodium bicarbonate you have in 600 grams. From the mole coefficents in the balanced equation, you will know how many moles of H2SO4 you need, and that can be converted to grams.
    I will be happy to check your work.

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