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Maleic acid is an organic compound composed of 41.39% C, 3.47% H, and the rest oxygen. If 0.271 mol of maleic acid has a mass of 31.4 g, what are the empirical and molecular formulas of maleic acid?
My work:
C: 41.39 g x (1 mol/12.01 g) = 3.44629 = 1
H: 3.47 g x (1 mol/1.008 g) = 3.44246 = 1
O: 55.14 x (1 mol/16 g) = 3. 44625 = 1

For empirical I need to divide the smallest mol so they would all equal to 1
Emp formula : COH? CHO?

For the Molecular formula I know I’m supposed to divide the molar mass by the empirical formula’s mass. I need help finding the molar mass. Or is it just 31.4 g?

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    I suspect you posted only part of the problem. What you have posted for the empirical formula is correct. However, you have no information upon which to determine the molar mass. You need another set of data (such as freezing point depression, mass spectrometry, or such). I suggest, too, if you need additional help is that you start a new post with the above information included. I'm working on page 3 now and many of us just keep up after page 1.

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