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the legendary king midas was a:
a.very beautiful
b.very rich man
c.very wise man
d.very brave man
i choose c??

  • uhh help -

    I think you're guessing.

    Google King Midas.

  • uhh help -

    yea i kinda was is just that im in a rush and wanna get this booklet done lol >-<

  • confuseddddd -

    how come these comments keep earasing???0_confused

  • uhh help -

    I remove inappropriate comments from this forum.

    I can also ban posters who post very many inappropriate comments.

  • uhh help -

    oh ok well im about to go to sleep i didn't notice my comment was so rude i was just speakin my mind if u did take it to offence i am sorry :(..

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