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Is this a good line from the poem Standing Alone by Chase.

I can see the flower upon which my life grows, blooming into a rose.

Do any of you get an idea of what this line is saying?

This line basically compares someone's life to a roses. It tells you to essentially follow the clean path, and not the thorny one. It tells you from the deep within that you are not alone and that you should follow your heart's path and flourish.

Please add your thoughts on this, thank you very much:-)

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    i think the line is trying to say the writer is seeing its life grow day by day as if it was a blooming flower.like if he was a catapila growing into a buterfli no disrespect but i think u r WAY off lol

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    I don't agree with you about the clean path, not the thorny one.

    I believe the author is saying that despite set-backs, she will grow strong, like a rose blossom. I also believe that the thorns help her ward off others and grow strong on her own.


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    yea i agree with ms.sue the writer is bascially telling a story about how her life is growing,,lol

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