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How much energy is emitted in each α decay of plutonium-234? (234Pu, 234.0433mu; 230U, 230.0339mu; 4He = 4.0026 mu).

I tried finding the difference in mass first:

(230.0339 + 4.0026) - (234.0433) = -.0068 mu

I then converted from amu to kg by multiplying by 1.6605E-27. Then (using E=mc^2) i multiplied by (3E8)^2 to get 1.016E-12 J

to find how many J are emitted per decay I multiplied the above by (1E-3 kg over the mass of Pu-234 in kg) to get -2.615E9 J

This is however, incorrect and I don't know what step I am doing wrong...haven't been able to get a hold of my professor...Thanks!

Dr. Bob if you see this...I also had a question on my earlier posting (sorry I don't know how to type in the sub/super scripts...)..

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    Nevermind...I realized that the problem I was using as an example called for 1 g of the reactant used....this didn' I have my correct answer now. Thanks!

    Still stumped on my earlier question though...

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    I think I've answered that in an earlier response. I think you are looking at a neutron.

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    you have the right answer but don't factor in one gram of substance, it wants the amount per alpha decat there are alot of alpha decays in a gram.

    So it is just 1.016E-12

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