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how do i put the following fractions in order from least to greatest:
3/7, 3/50, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4

please help

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    Change each fraction to a decimal.

    3/7 = 0.43
    3/50 = 0.06
    3/2 = 1.50
    3/3 = 1.00
    3/4 = 0.75

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    lets say i'm not allow to use a calculator how else will i beable to solve this

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    You can find these decimals by long division.

    The other way to solve this is to find a common denominator. Then convert all of the fractions to fractions with a common denominator. That's complicated with these five fractions.

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    you can change all the fractions so that they have common denominators (bottom numbers)then compare the numerators (top numbers). Considering you are in 4th grade, I am wondering if the 2nd fraction (3/50) is supposed to be 3/5?

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    Good point, Jesse.

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    it is 3/50

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    Do you know how to change a fraction into a decimal without using the calculator?

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    no to sure how to do this

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    for 3/7, it would be the same as saying 3 divided by 7

    You would get the answers that Ms. Sue came up with if you did that for each fraction. Then, if you thought of each of those answers as money, it should be easy to put them in order.

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    thank you

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    You see that all the numerators (top numbers) are the same. The bottom numbers (denominators) tell us how big the pieces are. The larger the denominator, the smaller the pieces. So if the top numbers are the same, then the fraction with the biggest bottom number is the smallest, because the number of pieces are the same, however the pieces are smaller. We know that 3 out of 3 is a whole so that's biggest. Then from bigger to smaller would be halves, fourths, sevenths, or fiftieths.

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