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Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much for your help.

1)Big Brother is a TV programme (or a reality show?) about people and relationships.
2) In particular, contestants have to stay in the same house for ten weeks. 3) They have to make their own food, do their own washing and tidy the house. Fortunately, they don't have to be on cameras twenty-four hours seven days a week.
4) In other words, you can see how they spend their daily routine: how they cook, clean their roooms and so on.
5) Most people find it boring to watch how people spend their daily routine. They think that it is a tired programme with no ideas. It is cheap, boring TV and don't know why people keep watching it
5)Contestants also have to vote every two weeks for two people to leave, then the public votes.
6) They work hard because they want to become stars. They want to make the break from normal life into the big time (does it mean: "They want to change their life and do something different?)
7) I'm a down-to-earth person. I see things black and white (how can I rephrase it?) and follow rules.

  • English -

    1 & 2 = yes
    3 = be on cameras = usually singular = on camera
    4 = yes
    5 = and don't know = subject not clear
    You have two #5's = 2nd yes
    6. they want MORE than just a normal life
    7. I see things IN black and white
    (rephrase which part = I see things clearly)


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