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I am still working on this poem. And I'd like to know ur opinion about it. Its a magic box poem.

The magic box
I will put in the box
Hugs and kisses from my family
The daylight brought from the sun and
My parent’s blessings

I will put in the box
The teardrop of my eye
The first smiles of my baby brothers
The classical music playing in my heart

I will put into the box
My cousin’s dimples
The cold breeze blowing in the air
And memories from the past

I wanted to make it sophisticated full of imagination. Other ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Sara -- you're a much better poet than I ever hope to be.

    Your poem is great!

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    thank you Ms. Sue. I'll work on it overnight to make it better.

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    As they say: There's always room for improvements

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