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solve x-2y=2 and 2x-4y=3
then graph each equation

  • Math 62 -

    I would use substitution
    change the first to
    x = 2y + 2
    and sub that into the second.
    once you get y, sub that back into x = 2y+2

    We cannot graph it for you in this format.

  • Math 62 -

    when you solve for the equation, you can easily graph. for example lets say the equation you got is y=3x+3 (i just made it up. not the answer to your problem)

    What this equation says is if you know X, you can multiply by 3 and then add 3 and you will get the Y value. So just plug in zero,one,two,three and negative 1,2,3 and you will get the basic idea of the shape. If you plug in zero for x, y would be 3. So you would put a point at (0,3).

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