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Thank you very much for your corrections. These are the very last sentences of the day.I need to rephrase a few sentences, too. Thank you very much in advance.

1.Can you say “the aristocracy grew in importance/lost importance”?
2.First the serpent slithered forward, then coiled itself and finally spat fire. (are the sentence connectors correct?)
3.He was bitten by the dragon with (?) its poisonous fangs.
4.How can you tell someone that he keeps making mistakes concerning the use of the singular and plural (agreement in number?) Ex. He has got two sister. He has two brother.
5.The church gave shelter to the homeless.
6.The epic poem contains formulas, which are conventional expressions easy to remember.
How can I rephrase these 3 senteneces?
7.His ship is wrecked and he is cast upon the shore of Lilliput
8.He is nearly trampled to death.
9.Pirates set him adrift on a small boat.

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    #1, you can say it grew in importance, but you can not say that is "grew in lost" That is an oxymoron.

    2. is fine.

    3. Use active voice instead of passive.

    4. Do not use "has got"

    After pirates set Gulliver adrift in a small boat, he is shipwrecked on the shore of Lilliput where he is nearly trampled to death.

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