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On Monday I am teaching English to 8th graders. There will be a little competition - the topic is the invention of the telephone and the clock.What can I give as a reward to the group that wins? (They will be asked 14 questions and the group that has the best score wins)

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    Oh one more thing!
    I am teaching them some new words.Is this the right way to write these words on the board? I mean the articles and so on:
    to finance, to spill, acid, an apparatus, to lay, to launch, accurate, sundial, wristwatch

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    Sounds like fun! As for rewards, you do not want to spend a lot of money! Do you know the sorts of things that interest them? You could have a "basket" (because it's open) or a "grab bag" (because it's closed with: (just some ideas) a sturdy rubber band (watch out they don't snap it at anyone), a piece of colored chalk (my students liked that), a pencil (for those who keep leaving them at home), a pretty piece of yarn (can't hurt anyone with that) - - - look around for spare pens, small ruler, personal kleenix. Get the idea?

    Of course you may write new words on the board - remember colored chalk for parts of the word they might misspell (color-coding) or put them on a flannel board (if you have one for story telling), even on a large flash card. I had a picture file in which I had people, activities, in this case if you could find a sundial. Your purpose may be to learn the spelling; my purpose was to teach a different language.

    Each group is different so if something doesn't work with one group, never fear. It WILL work some other time!

    Good luck. Have fun. Don't do anything the students can't do for themselves. (No doubt more than you wanted to get this morning!)

    Sra (aka Mme)

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