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I have a question. I need to graph the compound inequality of x<-3 or x>5 and this is how my graph looks like:
-6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6

Is this correct?

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    I can't quite make out your diagram, but your graph should look like the
    diagram #2 on the first page of this ...

    Your open circles should be around the -3 and +5

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    Thank you. I figured out the graph after I posted the question. The only thing that I can not figure out is the solution in interval notation. Could you please help me?

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    If the two inequations are separated by OR, then you have to write it as you did
    x < -3 OR x > 5
    For those cases the two lines go in opposite directions.

    If the inequations are separated by AND you can write them without the AND operator in the "between" form or the "sandwich" form

    e.g. -4 ≤ x ≤ 10
    can be read as "x is between -4 and 10 inclusive"
    notice that x is sandwiched between -4 and 10

    The graph will be a line connecting the two endpoints, either open or closed depending whether the endpoints are excluded or included.

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