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Trying to name this compound and figure out its oxidation state

[ CoBr2(NH3)3(H2O) ]+

I came up with triammineaquadibromocobalt(II) ion with a +3 oxidation state...but not sure if this is right...

similarily for

I came up with tetrachlorooxalatoferrate(IV) ion guessing that the oxidation state is +4 but I don't think this is right...having trouble with naming, clearly. Any help is appreciated :)

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    #1 looks ok to me except the oxidation state of Co is +3 and not +2. (+3 Co + (-2) for 2Br = +1 for the ion.

    #2 I would do it a little differently.
    The parentheses around oxalato are not accidental. Check my thinking.

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