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For each trial, enter the amount of heat gained by the chemical system of ammonium nitrate, qrxn. The specific heat of water is 4.184 J/goC. Report your answer using 4 digits.

The information given is:
Trial # Tiwater Tf Masswater
#1: 21.2 10.8 24.990
#2: 20.8 9.50 25.000
#3: 20.9 9.20 25.010

The equation needed is qrxn = -(qwater+qcalorimeter) I found the qwater, but I need help finding the qcalorimeter so I can determine the qrxn. Please help!

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    Well, this is a really late post lol. But to find the qcalorimeter, you must use the equation...

    qcalorimeter = Csp + (delta)T

    (delta)T is the same as what you used for qwater

    Csp -> you calculated this earlier in lab. "average heat capacity of the calorimeter"

    Hope this helps for yall chem kids out there. Anyone from UC Davis Summer session 2 Chem 2b 2011 with Don Land, let me know this helped haha! my names matt stange.

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    THANKS MATT! I'm in your class too! haha, this totally helped. haha

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    Qcal= CSP * (delta)T

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