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Sports and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome

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OK. I am trying to work on a project and I need help with one or two things.

1. I have come up with an idea, but can't seem to get it to fit in the fields of sports or society in the ancient world. I wanted to do a web page on Actaeon and Artemis, but I can't seem to place it in that context. I just need to relate it to sports (Hunting with dogs maybe) and or society in Ancient Greece.

2. Maybe someone could offer some other suggestions of a project I could do. I am not limited to doing a web project. I can do drawings, paintings, games, crafts, lessons for children... I just am having a brain freeze at the moment.

  • Sports and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome -

    Here are some sites for information on those two:

    Feel free to ask for other specific things, especially if you don't find what you need.


  • Sports and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome -

    Thanks Sra

    I did check out those links and they don't give me what I need. I am very familiar with the story (It is one of my favorites). What I am trying to do is connect it with ancient Greek athletics (Wrestling, boxing, pankration, the different runs, javelin, discus, etc... or how the story relates to Ancient Greek or Roman society. I know the Romans liked to do hunting with dogs, and I am pretty sure the Greeks did too. It was like a sport, but I don't think my prof would let that one fly.

    I am looking for something that Actaeon did that would make him related to sports. Heracles is known for wrestling and the Pankration, so I could do something on him, but I really wanted to stick with Actaeon. He does have the bloodline of the gods (by his mother) and his father and all his descendants were cursed (which was probably why he died anyway)

    I am also looking for other ideas for a project. I don't think this one is going to pan out.


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