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Need someone whose mother tongue is English to explain to me what " a gentle genius" means. I am teaching English as a foreign language and this expression is one of the titles from the book. I can't find the definition online. I just came across a book about Einstein which is called Gentle genius but I need an explanation so that I can explain it to my learners.


    First of all, look at all the definitions of "gentle" and then of "genius" or, depending upon the level of your students, let THEM do that and discuss what THEY think it means. I found that to be very enlightening before we discussed the meaning in context. (A rule = NEVER do what your students can do! It saves you and teaches them how to research and analyze!)

    Here are some sites on "gentle genius" =




    P.S. You are a person after my own heart, although I usually taught Spanish, French, etc. to non-speakers of those languages! It will be fun to compare notes with you, whenever you'd like!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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