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basic math

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Determine if the given rates are equivalent.

9in/57 miles = 6 in/38 miles

  • basic math -

    If 9 inches = 57 miles, then 1 inch equals 6 1/3 miles.

    If 6 inches = 38 miles, then 1 inch equals 6 1/3 miles.

  • basic math -

    Find the best buy on Shampoo:

    4oz for 1.16
    7 oz for 1.52
    15 oz for 3.39

  • basic math John -

    First, if you have a question, it is much better to put it in as a separate post in <Post a New Question> rather than attaching it to a previous question, where it is more likely to be overlooked.

    See your later post.

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