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I just need something to get me started. Do you know of a Cultural Symbol or a Cultural Tradition I can write about. I've been trying to do this project for weeks and I do not know what to do. I know it's easy, but I can't find what it;s asking. please help.

This may help:

Describe a Cultural Symbol or a Cultural Tradition Using Examples, and/or Process Explanation
Culture is more than arts; it is a framework to our lives. It affects our values, attitudes and behavior. It is something that is shared by all or almost all members of some social group. Something that the older members of the group try to pass on to the younger members. Something that shapes behavior and structures one's perception of the world.
For this assignment, choose and describe in one paragraph a cultural symbol or a cultural tradition. Whatever you choose, the symbol or tradition should extend beyond you and your family. That is, your topic must reflect the values of a whole culture. What is the significance of the tradition or symbol to the culture? What values are embedded in the symbol or in the tradition? What defines insiders and outsiders within that culture?
Instead of selecting a symbol or tradition that applies to large cultural groups (e.g. Latinos), try to select something from a smaller, local culture. For example, a break room at work, a church group, a sports team, a coffee shop all offer somewhat unique experiences.
Choose a unique symbol or tradition. Common symbols (e.g. the US flag) or traditions (e.g. Christmas dinner) should be avoided.
Consider many aspects -- dress, language use (slang, jargon), the way space is arranged -- before writing. All impact the way we “read” culture. For example, the presence of a bulletin board in a coffee shop may suggest something about the way the coffee shop wishes to be perceived in its community.

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