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Chose the correct answer and explain why:
Malthus and Ricardo would both agree that

a. One solution to poverty was to pay higher wages
b. Poverty was inevitable
c. Economic growth would end up in poverty in the long run
d. capitalism is an evil system

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    I'll be glad to discuss YOUR answer with you.

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    well i picked d but it is incorrect. i believe the right answer is B because they both discuss pessimistic views of the working class and with Malthus he believed that the the population would outrun the food supply so then poverty would occur. Ricardo talks about wages increasing and decreasing due to how many children one has, but i don't think he discusses poverty. I'm not 100%percent sure though that B is the correct answer.

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    I'm sure your answer (B) is correct.

    Ricardo essentially said that as resources became scarcer, goods would cost more, thus sinking more people into poverty.

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    thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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