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Anyone know how to get me started?

Calculate b0 and b1 and make an equation of regression line
for the set of data given in Table 3
Table 3
x y
1 12
2 15
3 16
5 18
6 21
8 23

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    If you need to show the work by hand, you can develop the regression equation in the following format:

    predicted y = a + bx
    ...where a represents the y-intercept and b the slope.

    To get to that point, here are some formulas to calculate along the way.

    To find a:
    a = (Ey/n) - b(Ex/n)

    Note: E means to add up or to find the total.

    To find b:
    b = SSxy/SSxx

    To find SSxy:
    SSxy = Exy - [(Ex)(Ey)]/n

    To find SSxx:
    SSxx = Ex^2 - [(Ex)(Ex)]/n

    I hope this will help get you started.

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    Thank you!!!

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