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Can you check these sentences and tell me if they are possible? Thank you very much in advance.

1) The author employed first-or third-person narration (and not "the" first person narration).
2)A preface by the author precedes Defoe's novels.
2) Robinson aims at realizing himself without considering his father's advice.
3)He is searching/looking for his own identity (are both possible?)disregarding his father's ideals.
4) Can you start a paragraph by saying:
To sum up the 18th century novels shared the following features.
5)Her magic is maleficent and results form/originates from/is the result of a pact with the devil (are all alternatives possible?)
6) Coffee houses sprang up/were established/rose/grew in importance (are they all possible?)
7) You were asked to talk about the stucture of English society and not about its political institutions and ideals. As you digressed from the main subject, the content of your paragraph does not reach the standart required (how can I express that the evaluation is below standard, poor, below par?)
8) Never use in a paragraph. Replace them with sentence connectors such as "firstly", "secondly" and finally.

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    1-3 fome
    on #4: To sum up, = if you put a comma after this phrase, it will not be misread.
    #5. Just not "from" = typo is "form"
    #7. What's wrong with what you have, but "standart" should be "standard" = the other expressions in parentheses are fine, if you wish.
    #8. The first sentence would be better with adding "it/that, etc." in a paragraph.


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