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hi, im in the 9th grade and i need help I need help with my math. the following questions are?
we are learning parallel lines and perpendicular lines. think you can help me?

e) parallel to y=0 and passes through (1,2)

f) perpendicular to x=-1 and passes through (3,5)

g) slope is undefined and passes through (3,9)

h) 0 slope and passes through (5,6)

i) parallel to y= 3/4x +4 and same y-intercept as y=x-3/4

j) parallel to 2x-3=-1 and passes through (0,-3)

please, if you have the answers, explain how you got them and show me. please and thank you

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    e) parallel to y=0 and passes through (1,2)
    Ans: -
    The line y=0 refers to the x-axis (y co-ordinate = 0)
    Any line parallel to this will have its equation as y=c (where c is a constant.)
    If it passes through (1,2) (y- co-ordinate =2), the equation should be y=2.

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