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X(g) + 2 Y(g) + 2 Z(g) -->3 M(g) + 2 N(g)
I've already found the orders for the following to be: X is 2nd, Y is 1st, Z is 0 and overall of course is 3. But I am confused about the below question. I initially guess that No it doens't occur in one step..but the reasons why I am not sure and can't find in my text or lecture notes (at least not explicitly stated.

Does the reaction occur in one step? Give reasons. (Select all that apply.)
Exponents in the rate equation do not match the coefficients in the balanced equation.
Exponents in the rate equation match the coefficients in the balanced equation.
The overall order is two or greater.
The overall order is three or greater.
One of the exponents is zero.
All exponents are nonzero.
The reaction is reversible.
All reactions occur in one step.

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