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Below is the following jsp code for a homework assignment im working on. Im allow four input text fields in which a customer can enter the amount of each fruit they want to buy, a submit button, and a reset button. After a customer placed an order, a page should be generated displaying the order information, including the fruit type, amount to buy, subtotal charge for each type of fruit, and total charge.

<HEAD><TITLE>Fruit Business</TITLE></HEAD>
<H1> Welcome to FarmersMarket</H1>

<% String app=request.getParameter("apple");

String bana=request.getParameter("banana");

String gra=request.getParameter("grape");

String orang=request.getParameter("orange");

int num=Integer.parseInt(apple);
int num2=Integer.parseInt(banana);
int num3=Integer.parseInt(grape);
int num4=Integer.parseInt(orange);


Here is your order:<br>

Apple: <%= num%> LB and Subtotal: $<%= num*1%><br>
Banana: <%= num2%> LB and Subtotal: $<%= num2*2%><br>
Grape: <%= num3%> LB and Subtotal: $<%= num3*3%><br>
Orange: <%= num4%> LB and Subtotal: $<%= num4*4%><br>

Total Due: $<%= 1*num+ 2*num2+ num3*3+ num4*4%>

<form action=order.jsp method=post>

Apple <input type=text name=apple>[$1]<br>

Banana <input type=text name=banana>[$2]<br>

Grape <input type=text name=grape>[$3]<br>

Orange <input type=text name=orange>[$4]<br>

<input type=submit>
<input type=reset>


  • Web application development JSP -

    Im not sure what wrong but i am not able to get it to run. I m getting errors in this part of the code:
    int num=Integer.parseInt(apple);
    int num2=Integer.parseInt(banana);
    int num3=Integer.parseInt(grape);
    int num4=Integer.parseInt(orange);

  • Web application development JSP -

    I would suggest that you go to a programming forum and ask for assistance there.
    I'm sure you will have more luck. Considering most helpers here are not proficient in programming.

    Good Luck!

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