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i need a composition on why should boys hav all the fun!!!500 words

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    in todays wrld girl is far behind thn boys.they dnt need any hrlp nw whn dey r grwn up.they jst need a perfect base.they need to b made strngr frm der childhood and make thm active.boys do get evrythng dey desire bt a grl nvr cmplains anythng she jst keep quite and keep patienc.bt it nw fnsh we girls hve no mre patience v r gna fi8 fr evrythng v r gnna lead u boys aftr all y shd bys hav all d fn!!

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    Please rewrite with all the letters in the words and all the words in sentences that begin with capital letters and end with correct punctuation.
    THEN, we will be able to help you.

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