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Determine the concentration of a dioxin solution whose percent absorbance is 0.40%

This is the resulting:
Absorbance Dioxin
0.64 5.5
0.76 6.3
1.0 8.0

But why can't I figure out the concentration whose percentage is .40%?

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    I am unfamiliar with an absorbance of 0.40%. 0.40, yes, but not the percent. If it really is 0.4%, then I would use 0.004 for A.
    A = kc where A = absorbance, c is concn and k is a constant. You must calculate the k.
    Use any one of the data points, for example, the first one, to calculate k.
    A = kc
    0.64 = k*5.5 (I wonder if that is 5.5 molar, 5.5%, 5.5 mole fraction or just what?). Calculate c.
    Frankly, I would calculate c for each run you have listed, then take an average to obtain an average for c and use that.
    Then A =kc.
    Plug in 0.4 (if that is the absorbance), the value of k you found, and calculate c.

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