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Help with this problem please. I don't get it at all.
A ship is heading due north at 12 mph. The current is flowing southwest at 4mph. Find the actual bearing and speed of the ship.

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    Are you studying vectors?

    I see a triangle with triangle ABC with AB vertical with length 12, angle B = 45 degrees, and BC = 4

    by cosine law:
    b^2 = 4^2 + 12^2 - 2(4)(12)cos45
    = 92.1177
    b = 9.598

    Sos the actual speed of the ship is 9.6 mph

    Use the Sine Law to find angle A for the bearing

    (I had 17.14 degrees)

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    The bearing would be 360-17.14= 342.86 due to the fact that the bearing scale is different than the unit circle.

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