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A student opens a math book to two facing pages.The product of the page numbers is 210.Find the page numbers.

The first page is _________
The second page is________

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    You could appoach this one of two ways. First, it could be a two equation solution. You know that the product of the two numbers is 210 so your first equation would be x * y = 210 You also know that X and Y will only be one number apart, so your second equation could be y = x + 1 The you can subsitute what y equals into the first equation so x * (x+1) = 210 and proceed to solve this equation for X.

    The second approach is just trial and error.

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    the answer is page 14 and 15. If you times them together you get 210. Hop this helps

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    the product of two facing page numbers of a storybook is 210. the book has 30 pages. what are the two page numbers?

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