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a)The element with the greatest density is osmium, which has a density of 22.6g/cm3. Calculate the mass of 32.1 cm3 of osmium.

b)A team of students determined the density of a sample of wood to be 0.52 g/cm3. A handbook of chemistry reported the density of 0.548 g/cm3 for the same type of wood. what is the percent error of the students' value?

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    I never heard of a chemistry course called "Dobson".

    a) density time volume equals mass

    b) The students may have made a negligible error. The density of any type of wood depends upon how dry it is. Handbook values are only averages. Seasoned wood thet is ready for firewood or lumber is less dense than the wood in a living or freshly cut tree.

    Assuming the Handbook value is correct, the percent error is
    (0.548-0.52)/0.548 x 100

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