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if y=sec^(3)2x, then dy/dx=

my answer is 6 sec^3 2xtan 2x but im not sure if that is right. ?
Can someone show me if i did it correct.

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    good job

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    Sorry to bother you, can you explain the steps to me, so I can see the work and check my work. I thought i had done it wrong, I started my work and then guessed.

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    write it as

    y = (sec (2x))^3
    now use the chain rule ...

    y' = 3(sec (2x)^2 (derivative of sec(2x))
    = 3(sec (2x)^2(sec (2x))tan (2x))(2)
    = 6(sec (2x))^3 tan (2x)

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