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Two infinitely long wires are separated by a distance of d = 1.4 meters. Both have current running in the positive y direction. A charge of q = +2.7 micro-Coulombs is moving in the positive y direction at v = 3.1 E 6 m/s a distance of r = 0.22 meters from the wire on the left as shown in the diagram. The net force from both wires on the charge is in the x direction with a magnitude of 53 E -6 Newtons. What is the current in each wire in amps?

Two vertical wires. A charge q is .22 meters from the left wire. The Velocity vector is in the positive y direction, and the Fb vector is in the negative x direction, perpendicular to the velocity vector. The second vertical wire is 1.4 meters away from the first.

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