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Find the indicated binomial probabilities. Round to the nearest 3 decimal places.

In a local college, 20% of the math majors are women. Ten math majors are chosen at random.

1) What is the probability that exactly 2 are women?

2) What is the probability that 2 or less women are selected?

3) What is the probability that no women are selected?

4) Find the mean u

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    Here is the binomial probability function:
    P(x) = (nCx)(p^x)[q^(n-x)]
    n = 10
    p = .20
    q = .80 (q = 1 - p)

    For 1), find P(2).
    For 2), find P(0) + P(1) + P(2).
    For 3), find P(0).
    For 4), mean = np

    I hope this will help get you started.

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