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1. Which of the following infectious diseases accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all school absenteeism?
A. Upper-respiratory infections
B. Pinkeye
C. Tuberculosis
D. Hepatitis A and B

2. Which of the following statements about playground monitors is correct?
A. You're not responsible for the cleanliness of the playground.
B. It doesn't matter if you know the rules of the games the students are playing.
C. You need to keep a watchful eye for possible hazards.
D. You're not responsible for clothing and equipment left on the playground at the end of the period.

3. What is a good technique to follow when you're supervising a reading group?
A. Ignore the mistakes a student makes.
B. When a student comes to an unknown word, say what it is.
C. Concentrate on correct words, rather than correct expression and punctuation.
D. Begin with the student's own story or one that the student chooses.

4. Which of the following procedures should you follow in a real fire or in a fire drill?
A. If you're inside, stay inside.
B. Evacuate the building as quickly as possible.
C. Take cover under a table or desk.
D. Wait to see if it's a real fire or not.

5. Which of the following is a quality of a good supervisor?
A. Someone who tries to catch students doing wrong
B. Someone who enforces rules arbitrarily
C. Someone who can express thought and ideas clearly
D. Someone who is always right

6. What is the purpose of a practice workstation in a classroom?
A. To provide beginning learning experiences
B. To provide drill in skills and concepts already introduced
C. To foster creative activity
D. To teach the same subject all year

7. If you're assigned to bus duty, which of the following tasks might you expect to perform?
A. Help students cross busy streets
B. Help students get from one place at school to another
C. Accompany students on field trips
D. Help students get on or off the bus

8. Reminding students of rules and leading them toward self-discipline is an example of what duty?
A. Classroom organization
B. Classroom maintenance
C. Clerical responsibilities
D. Classroom management

9. Which of the following is an example of a clerical duty a teacher aide might be asked to do?
A. Assist students who are working in a small group
B. Supervise an after-school detention room
C. Maintain classroom files and records
D. Tutor an individual student

10. As a supervisor, what type of attitude should you have toward coworkers at school?
A. An attitude of superiority
B. A friendly, positive attitude
C. A competitive attitude
D. An attitude of inferiority

11. Which of these procedures should be followed during a real earthquake or earthquake drill?
A. If you're inside, go outside.
B. Close the windows and evacuate while the ground is still shaking.
C. Take cover under a table or desk.
D. If you're outside, go inside.

12. If a student doesn't return a book on time to the library, what is the first thing you should do?
A. Send a bill to the parents.
B. Send a first overdue notice.
C. Send a pickup slip.
D. Send a second overdue notice.

13. Using a wall hanging, a clothesline, a refrigerator box, or a cardboard backdrop are all good ways to do what?
A. Make a learning center
B. Display student work
C. Assist the school nurse
D. Grade assignments

14. Who does most of the talking in a student conference?
A. Student
B. Teacher
C. Teacher aide
D. Parent

15. What is the main purpose of a hall monitor or a lavatory monitor?
A. To make sure the students don't talk
B. To ensure student safety and to prevent misbehavior
C. To protect school property
D. To assist with fire drills and earthquake drills

16. When you're checking out books, where should you put the checkout card?
A. In the card catalog
B. In the shelf list
C. In the reserve shelf
D. In the circulation file

17. Which of the following types of tests would a teacher aide most likely be asked to correct and grade?
A. Essay test
B. Short-answer test
C. Objective test (with only one correct answer)
D. No tests; only teachers are allowed to correct tests.

18. Which of the following items should be found in every learning center in a classroom?
A. Math manipulatives
B. Spelling worksheets
C. Multimedia materials
D. Maps and timeline charts

19. Collecting tickets and money from students, encouraging good manners, and helping with cleanup are tasks associated with which duty?
A. Monitoring the playground
B. Monitoring the lunchroom
C. Monitoring the halls
D. Monitoring the in-school suspension room

20. What is another name for the illness known as pediculosis?
A. Chicken pox
B. Ringworm
C. Strep throat
D. Head lice

  • Student supervision -

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Be sure to go back into your textbook or use a good search engine.

    Once YOU have come up with attempted answers to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to comment on your thinking.

  • Student supervision -

    1 A

  • Student supervision -

    2 C

  • Student supervision -

    1. A Correct
    2. C Correct
    3. D Correct
    4. B Correct
    5. C Correct
    6. B Correct
    7. D Correct
    8. D Correct
    9. C Correct
    10. B Correct
    11. C Correct
    12. B Correct
    13. B Correct
    14. A Correct
    15. B Correct
    16. D Correct
    17. C Correct
    18. C Correct
    19. B Correct
    20. D Correct

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