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III) The municipality of New York supplies 2 million cubic metres of water per month to the city of New York. If a household consumes about 30killo-littres of water per month, estimate the number of residents in New York ,assuming that a household has five members on everage.

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    Let N = no. of residents
    N/5 = number of households
    1 cubic meter = 10^6 cubic cm = 1000 liters = 1 kiloliter
    Monthly consumption = (N/5)*30 kiloliter
    = 2*10^6 kiloliter
    This results in N = 1/3 million.
    That is too low. I question the figures you provided.

    According to
    New York City's daily consumption is 1.1 billion gallons, which would make the monthly consumption 33 billion gallons or 8.5 billion liters or 8.5 million kiloliters, not 2 million.

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