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Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning, like tall/short or laugh/cry. Listed below are pairs of antonyms. However, all the vowels are missing. See if you can separate each pair of antonyms and replace the missing vowels.

(i got most of them done.)

The one's I still need are:

- smthrgh
- ndrvr
- ldyng
- glybtfl


  • 6th grade - English -

    you do the antonym
    smooth -

    this is the worst homework assignment in terms of learning experience i have ever seen

  • 6th grade - English -

    Thanks Jon so much!

  • 6th grade - English -

    Antonym = opposite meaning of the word

  • 6th grade - English -

    ugly and beautiful

  • 6th grade - English -

    idk what is a antonym for worst

  • 6th grade - English -

    Holy crap ur doing this in 6th grade??im in 9th and im doingthis.any ways smthrgh=smooth/ rough. ldyyng=old/young glybtfl= ugly/beautiful and ndrvr i cant figure it out either

  • 6th grade - English -

    what is the antonym for ndrvr

  • 6th grade - English -

    The answer to your problem with ndrvr is:


    I had trouble to but i soon found out.

  • 6th grade - English -

    I hope that helped with ndrvr being:


    Any others you need???

  • 6th grade - English -

    i need help with nt and ftthn

  • 6th grade - English -

    i need help with nt

  • 6th grade - English -


  • 6th grade - English -

    Antonyms for nncntglty and ststnd

  • 6th grade - English -

    Need help

  • 6th grade - English -

    What mean these words for nncntglty

  • 6th grade - English -

    Nt is in/out

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